If, for any reason, you decide to cancel your confirmed booking, you might have the right of getting your money refunded, depending on the amount of time you cancel prior to the initial activity time. When wanting to cancel, you should get into direct contact with Tours Mauritius to make notice of your wish to cancel. Tours Mauritius will then contact the supplier accordingly.


In the event you as a client wish to cancel a booked activity, you can get a refund. Bookings cancelled 48 hours or more prior to the day of the excursion will be subjected to 50% cancellation charge. Bookings cancelled 24 hours or less prior to the day of excursions will be subjected to 100% cancellation charge.


In the unlikely event that the booked tour or excursion gets cancelled by Tours Mauritius or one of our suppliers, we will contact you immediately. To compensate you we will look for alternatives, such as an alternative date or an equivalent trip. If you as a client refuse the provided options, Tours Mauritius shall provide you will 100% full money refund. In the case an activity is cancelled due to bad weather, Tours Mauritius cannot be held liable to provide the client with a refund.


In the event a confirmed booking for a specific date has been switched over to a new date upon the client’s request, and this booking gets afterwards cancelled by Tours Mauritius or the client for any reason, Tours Mauritius has the right to charge the client the cancellation charge that is applicable.


As a customer of Tours Mauritius, you are responsible for you and your party’s/group actions and you are expected to respect your environment and other people around you. All suppliers have every right to terminate your tour or activity in the event of vandalism, violence or any other misbehavior as interpreted by them. In the case of termination due to the customer’s inappropriate behavior, the customer will lose any right of refund. In the event of damages or loss at the site of the activity caused by you or those accompanying you, you will be responsible for payment. In the case of some extreme activities, suppliers will request the clients to fill in a waiver form. When not filling in this form, you cannot take part in the booked activity and lose your right of refund or compensation.