Aerial Photography and Filming Experience

Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes that Mauritius has to offer! Each moment is unique,

Airport Helicopter Transfer

A luxurious helicopter tour waiting for you to go from the airport to your

Bay to Bay South Tour

Succumb to the authentic charm of Mauritius’ South West coast as you discover

Camel Ride Safari at Casela

Feel as if you are riding through the dessert in a caravan by

Casela Nature Park 5 Ziplines and Nepalese Bridge Exploration

Adventures and surprises await you at Casela! Zip through the air and discover
Thing To Do Mauritius

Complete Tea Route

Follow the scent of tea and explore its relevance to the Mauritian history
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per person

Experience a Walk with Lions at Casela

An incredible walk with lions through the lush forest; unique and thrilling! This
Last minute!

Explore Bois Chéri

Explore the green fields of the tea plantations and visit Bois Chéri; the