4D Cinema

  Dive into Action with 4D Cinema at Casela Park: A Sensational Cinematic

Aerial Photography and Filming Experience

Enjoy the breathtaking landscapes that Mauritius has to offer! Each moment is unique,

Airport Helicopter Transfer

A luxurious helicopter tour waiting for you to go from the airport to your

Bag of Feed or Bottle of Milk

  Feed Wild Love: Food Bags and Milk Bottles at Casela Park  

Bay to Bay South Tour

Succumb to the authentic charm of Mauritius’ South West coast as you discover
archway Safari 2

Big Cats Drive-thru epic Safari at Casela

Meet lions, tigers and caracals during an epic drive thru safari in the

Big cats feeding

Come and feed the big cats ! Location West Operating Hours 9:15 -

Breakfast with giraffes at Casela

Enjoy a unique breakfast with Giraffes right next to you! Ever wanted to