Meet lions, tigers and caracals during an epic drive thru safari in the famous Casela park!

The big cats of Casela are famous across the Indian Ocean, and during the splendid safari you will have the chance to photographs them all. During your ride, the guide will provide you with interesting information about the different cats you encounter, ensuring you have a great experience. This drive thru makes for an exciting day during your holiday in Mauritius and will add an African touch to your stay at the island.

Location West
Operating hours 09.00 – 17.00
Operating days Monday – Saturday
Duration 45 mins
Activity time Flexible
Transportation Offered as supplement
Remark The drive thru takes place at: 10.00, 11.00, 13.30, 14.30, 15.30

Prior to stepping into the safari vehicle, you will get a briefing by the guides, who will first of all welcome you warmly. As the engine starts, you can prepare yourself for an incredible journey, during which you will see the majestically roaring lion, alongside many other big cats. If you are lucky, the lions are striding about their terrain and playing around. Your tour will continue towards the caracals, alert animals that will be curious to what humans are entering their territory, providing you with incredible photography opportunities. After your Big Cat Drive Thru safari you will of course have the chance to visit the rest of the Casela park, also allowing you to have another look at the incredible big cats.

Additional information

Chd0, 1, 2, 3
Entrance ticketIncluded, Not Included

What is included:

• 45-min Guided Safari Trip
• Drive among Big Cats in a caged 4×4 vehicle
• View Tigers and Lions in their natural habitat
• Learn about the Big Cats firsthand from the Ranger

What is excluded:

• Entrance ticket to the park
• Transportation
• Lunch

• The duration of the drive thru safari is 45 minutes and is operated at set time slots.
• The park is always opened except for the 25thof December and the 1stof January.
• During this activity, there is no direct contact with the big cats.

archway Safari 2
Archway Safari

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