Combine a unique quad bike safari with one of the many thrilling activities of Casela!

Casela World of Adventures is a must-see nature and adventure park during your holiday in Mauritius. It is not for nothing that the park is often referred to as the best attraction of the Indian Ocean. Being the perfect place for visitors of all ages, Casela is the park to go to spend a wonderful time with your loved ones. At the park, you will go on a unique quad biking safari, which will take you through the Mauritian savannah park where animals roam freely. Get up close with species such as gazelles, ostriches and zebras while refilling your adrenaline level. This quad biking activity can be combined with any of the following activities. Just choose one of the possibilities to make your special package complete!

Location West
Operating days Monday – Sunday
Duration 1 hour
Activity time 10:00 ; 11:30 ; 13:00 ; 15:30

The activities you can choose from with additional supplement are:

  • 400m zip line: rush through the air at high speed and discover the beautiful nature of Mauritius from a bird’s point of view.
  • Nepalese bridge: keep your balance well during this thrilling walk over a 70 meters deep ravine! This activity allows you to enjoy the magnificent view to the fullest.
  • Canyon swing: Jump from a 45m high platform and dive into the splendid canyon to explore the wildlife housing there while feeling the wow effect!
  • Lion or cheetah interaction: stand eye-to-eye with these majestic predators and have the unique opportunity to touch them and pose for the perfect photo.
  • Lion walk: Become part of the price during this walk with lions, which will take you through the incredible nature park where the king of the savannah roams freely.
  • Caracal or Serval interaction: Who said you need to go on safari to discover the beauty of these predators? pet, touch and pose with the caracals or the servals during this activity.

Terms and conditions

  • Prior to starting the quad tour, participants must take part in an initiation circuit.
  • The minimum age to drive a quad or buggy is 16 years, with a minimum height of 1.35m.
  • The minimum age for being a passenger in a quad is 12 years and buggy is 6 years; with a minimum height of 1.35m for quads and 1.20m for buggy.
  • The minimum age to take part in the zip line activity is 6 years, the maximum weight 100kg. The Nepalese bridge require in additional a minimum height of 1.35m.
  • The minimum age for the canyon swing is 12 years, and a maximum capacity of 100kg.
  • The minimum age to take part in the lion walk is 15 years, with a minimum height of 1.50m.
  • All participants must be physically and mentally able to follow the instructions and perform the activities.
  • The big cat keepers reserve the right to not let a customer take part in the activity if the restrictions and rules are not met.
  • All participants of the lions, caracal and cheetah interactions and those taking part in the lion walk must speak English or French for safety reasons.
  • The Big Cats activities are closed during Sundays, except viewing.


  • The park is opened every day from 09.00 – 17.00
  • The park is closed on December 25 and January 1.
  • The400m Zipline is at 09.15 and 10.45; the Nepalese Bridge is at 12.45, 14.15, and 15.30.
  • The Lion interaction is from 09.30 – 11.30 and from 13.30 – 15.30
  • The walk with lions is offered at 09.15, 10.00, 10.30, 14.00 and 15.30.
  • The canyon swing is at 09.15 and 14.30
  • You are kindly requested to reach Casela no less than 30 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled activities.
  • There is the opportunity to go on a private walk with the lions against additional payment. A DVD with pictures and videos of your experience is included in the price.
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