Boggling puzzles and difficult riddles must be solved in order to escape on time!

At DodoQuest, you will have 59 minutes to complete all the riddles and puzzles and unlock the locks to set yourself free. Tactical thinking and thought through strategies are needed to resolve the mysteries you will find inside the escape room, an adventure for young and old during which cooperation of great importance. The room is themed according to the colonial history of Mauritius and will thus take you back in time. Get teleported to the past and learn about the Mauritian history while trying to escape this thrilling escape room!

Location Centre
Operating hours 10.00 – 20.00
Operating days All days
Duration 59 minutes
Activity time Flexible
Remark Also opened on public holidays.

There are 5 different escape rooms to choose from.

At the DodoQuest center, you can choose out of three rooms.

The first room is the”Spicy Story”, which allows you to dive into the 18thcentury. Discover the mystery of Pierre Poivre, a renowned horticulturist, to find the gold nut and to plant it to start his historic plantation!

The second room is the “Prison Break”, in which you and your friends are unjustly sentenced and locked away in prison. Fool the guards and try to escape before you run out of time!

The third escape room is called “Find the last Dodo”. In this room, you will feel as being in the middle of the damp forest, in the hut of the hunter wanting to kill birds until the last of them has disappeared. Free the birds and find the last dodo to save him from extinction, before the hunter returns with his gun!

The fourth room is called ”Mental Hospital”. In this room, the legend of the mysterious mental hospital with very strange medical experiments become a real.

The fifth room is called ”Buried”. This room is all about the fear that is hidden in your head. You and your friend only have one chance to escape, so get out before you are buried alive!

Soon a new room called ”Action Quest Bank Robbery” will come out.


Terms and conditions

  • The number of participants per room is 2-5 players (depending on the room).
  • The buried alive room has a maximum capacity of 2 players.
  • The minimum age to take part in this activity is 8 years. Children aged 8-14 must be accompanied by adults.
  • The buried alive room has a minimum age of 16.


  • Participants are requested to be at the Dodo quest location 20 minutes in advance.
  • If you don’t complete the game in 59 minutes, you will be freed from the room.
  • You will get 15 minutes preparation time prior to the start of your escape room adventure.
  • Note: The rooms are available at time slots throughout the entire day.
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