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Go through thrilling moments and during a true off-road adventure!

A whole fun packed and thrilling moments of adventure with 2 hours of off-road adventure in the northern region of Mauritius, with an optional 24 minutes of fun drive in the kids’ zone circuit on the highest performance Side by Side Vehicle (SSV) as a Co-pilot. This activity will start with a briefing on safety procedures, after which you can step inside and bugle up to discover the vast Mauritian landscape in a most exciting way!

Location North East
Minimum Age 6 years as passenger, 16 years as driver
Duration 1 hour or 2 hours
Operating Days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (during public holidays this activity is offered upon request)
Activity time 09.30 or 14.00

Arrival to site: 09.00 or 13.30

Transportation Offered as a supplement
Remark Package includes 2 hours of field trip.

If you choose to have the thrilling 2 hours field trip, you opt for the longest and most complete package to fully experience your Polaris vehicle during which you will have the chance to venture deeper into the region and discover its hidden beauty. A half way refreshment stop at a surprise location will also allow you to have a quick swim and relax before testing some of the capacities of your chosen high performance off-road vehicle.

Also, the younger ones can enjoy an adrenaline filled activity, by driving around the kids’ zone circuit. Ideal for kids of 10 years, but children as from 7 years with a minimum height of 125cm or above can also participate in this activity. For the younger children or for the ones who are less confident in driving there is a guide accompanying them as a Co-Pilot until they can drive the vehicle safely on their own. The real challenge for the young ones is to safely complete the circuit in the shortest amount of time as per the driving skills. Please note that height is the primary criteria to consider when doing this activity.

The vehicles: 

Ace Buggy (1 seat) – Polaris ACE: The participantdriving must be at least(16) sixteen years old or at least 150 cm of height.

Adult Buggy (2 seats) – Polaris RZR 570 cc: The participant driving must be at least (18) eighteen years old or at least 170cm of height. The passenger must be at least 6 years old.

Adult Buggy (4 seats) –  Polaris RZR S 900 cc: The participant driving must be at least (18) eighteen years old or at least 170cm of height. The passenger must be at least 6 years old. Compulsory driving license is required for the driver.

Adult Quad (2 seats) – SPORTSMAN Touring 550 EPS: The participant driving must be at least (18) eighteen years old or at least 170cm of height. The passenger must be at least 12 years old.

Kids Buggy (2 seats) – Polaris RZR 170 cc: The participant driving must be at least (10) ten years old and at least 1m25 of height.

Pre-outing Procedures and briefing:

Each and every participant, regardless of their age or the chosen activity will complete the following pre-outing procedures before being able to start their activities:

  • Full briefing explaining how the activity will unfold, clearly stating that the guide has full authority on the outing and may stop the participant/ outing for repeated breaches of the safety procedures inherent to the nature of the activity.
  • Each participant must sign the disclaimer form.
  • The guide ensures that each participant has a well-fitted helmet on before leaving the briefing area.

Once the participant seated in his chosen vehicle, the guide runs through all the required information for operating it, ensuring again that the Safety & Driving procedures have been well understood before starting the initiation test-drive. The participant must have his seatbelt attached before the vehicle is started.

Before each outing takes place, an initiation test drive is done under the supervision of the guide who has the final say on the ability of the participant to safely drive the chosen vehicle in regards to the activity.

In the case of activities available to children (RZR 170) the whole activity will take place under the constant supervision of a guide as they are limited to a smaller closed area which is at a safe distance from any adult activity tracks.

Terms and conditions

  • Please note height is the primary criteria while choosing the type of vehicles you will ride on.
  • Participants are obliged to wear closed shoes for the trip.

What is included

  • Equipment Provided: Helmets, hygiene cap, raincoats depending on the number of participants.


  • Do not forget: Mosquito Repellent, shoes, changing clothes
  • Arrival time for the morning session is 09.00 for departure at 09.30.
  • Arrival time for the afternoon session is 13.30 for departure at 14.00.
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