Nothing is what it seems in this most peculiar museum of delusional fantasies

Upside down, inside out, strange scales and other delusions; that is what the Curious Corner museum is all about. Located just opposite the 7-colored earth in Chamarel, this sight is the pace to go if you want to provide your brain with some stimulation work out. The house is filled with many fantasies that will leave you in confusion and excitement at the same time. There are almost 40 exhibits spread over 5000 sq. meters.

Location South West
Operating hours 09.30 – 17.00
Operating days All days
Duration 1hour 30mins
Activity time Flexible
Transportation Offered as supplement

This attraction is particularly suitable to the entire family and comes with great entertainment, wonders, surprises and sometimes even frustration as you don’t get how the illusion can look so real. Get lost in the mirror maze, get confused with scales in the Ames room (in the same room, one person will look much bigger than the other), live upside down in the upside-down room and try out your musical aspiration in the laser music room. All exhibitions are guaranteed to be fun!


  • The duration of your visit is approximately 1.5 hours and depends on how long you want to explore the different exhibitions.
  • There are no age of height restrictions for this activity.
  • The Curious Corner is opened every day of the week.
  • At the small coffee shop you can enjoy a light lunch from 09.30 till 16.30.
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